The Debut Post

So lately, I’ve been re-kindling my love for clothes and fabrics and have been saving alot of pictures and inspirations. I managed to draw out a few designs that I would like to make for myself.  Managed to head down to Mustafa and got me some fabrics at a really good deal. I’m kinda obsessed with dresses lately, and so I’ve decided that i’ll get them stitched. Hopefully, in a week or two, I’ll manage to get these babies done!! It would be just nice before I take off on my trip to the LAND OF SMILES!

Presenting, the mood board.

My muse as of late has to be Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girls aka The New Face of CHANEL. I do not follow GG but I do occasionally watch them on tv just to see what they’re wearing. Cos the fashion in the show is crazy. Same reason why I watched Sex & The City 1 & 2- ONLY FOR THE CLOTHES.

Presenting my Top Picks :


4 thoughts on “The Debut Post

  1. Heya,
    I just happened to find your blog and love every post (especially the ones with indian/african/bohemian/ tribal stuff and just things we do not get to see in most other blogs). Awesome collection of images and i started from the beginning and scrolled down and down for the last couple of hours.

  2. You are the best fashion blogger I’ve come across.
    Don’t stop blogging. I follow NYMag every day. And from now on its NYMag and YOU!

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