Jewelry, please let me rock my jewelry

I do love pretty jewellery and especially those statement making ones, but have never been crazy over them till now. I been noticing some really awesome pieces as of late, and it wouldn’t be nice if i didn’t show my appreciation for them lovelies no? So here it is, my top picks. MANY top picks. :)

1. Belle Noel – Glam Rock Webbed Necklace by Kim Kardashian, with jewelry designer Pascal Mouwad.
2. Ek Thongprasert, a designer from Thailand. PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT! :)
3. Harry L. Neufeld Jewelry
4. Andrew Gn

5. Gold Tassel Ear Cuff by
6. Kali Arulpragasam, Hunger (A/W 2008)
7. Ranjana Khan. A PERFECT statement piece.
8. Architectural Rings by Philippe Tournaire. These were some of my favorite pieces from his line. Do check out his other designs.

9. Vintage Peacock Necklace from Forever 21
10. Spread on Marie Claire.
11. Loren Hope Designs. It defers from the rest cos of it’s simplicity, but I love it. Can’t go wrong with jade green. :)
12. Ranjana Khan again. Too exotic.

13. Roberta Freymann
14. Emporio Armani blue crystal necklace
15 & 16. Charles Albert Necklace Collection

17. Kayo saito
18. Designer unknown. Filed under Pan-Arab Gold Jewellery Design
19. Alexandra McQueen bracelet
20. Jessica Scofield Leaf Necklace

Don’t you love em all! I know I do. :)


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