Meet Vlisco.

This is why I love doing endless surfing on the world-wide web. Coming across something as fabulous as this and being able to share it. I am sure there are many more who get a sense of euphoria when they chance upon an awesome design blog or just anything online that makes you spend another hour or more, browsing the awesomeness of the site.

‘Nouvelle Histoire’ : Heritage Rediscovered  February 2011 Campaign

More of my favorites from their various ad campaigns

Top Left | ‘Sparking Grace’ : Shine Like A Star May 2010 Campaign
Top Right |‘Frozen Dreams’ : Surrealism Awakened November 2009 Campaign
Bottom Left | ‘Touch of Sculpture’ : A Univer of Sensations August 2009
Bottom Right | ‘Eclat de Nature’ : Nature Reinvented by Vlisco May 2009

Vlisco is from The Netherlands and have been around since 1846. They design and produce awesome fabrics like those pictured above. They do traditional batik and african prints with some modern take on them as well. New fashion and accessories collection are launched every quarter, in their boutiques in Africa.

Some of the amazing fabrics they have to offer.

And Accessories !…
Do check out the rest of their fabrics and their ad campaigns. Very colorful and inspiring and you’ll fall in love instantly with this brand.  :)

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