Secret Infatuation with Harem Pants.

For Men:   

Image Credits : http://fashionindie.com,,, .

For Women:

Image Credits :, ,, ,

These kinda pants were made popular by MC Hammer from the late 80s. Now with it’s modern take, it’s become more mainstream. The drop crotch pants have been around for many years and in different parts of the world, such as India’s Dhoti/Patiala – Algeria’s Zouave pants – Turkish Trousers – Arab’s Sirwal and Persia’s Sharovary.

It’s refreshing to see these pants being worn by men. Gives it an edge. Thing is, we don’t quite get to see it worn here in Singapore. Only the tourists and a handful of ‘daring’ ones manage to pull it off.

When I went to GOA a few months back, the Harem pants was the staple attire. It’s cool, airy and comfortable. Exactly what every fashionista needs in his/her wardrobe. Yes, I had to buy one for myself.


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