Of MatchBoxes and Nehrus

Datawala used to collect Indian matchbox labels that were intriguing, suggestive, odd, or just about anything that would catch his eye and that eventually, led him to produce the ‘MatchBook’. A book on the vast array of both old and new matchbox labels of striking colors and designs that he had collected.

This is his first collection of limited edition men’s shirts, and being a genius he is, took inspiration from his old project and that, sparked of this marriage between the shirts and the eccentric designs. He would pick out a graphic from one of these matchboxes, add in some of his nifty magic to produce these striking shirts.

“Karborised is for men who are not sheepish when it comes to sartorial matters and who are willing to spike their wardrobe with wit and edge,” says the designer who plans to design Karborised for women too. “I’m thrilled about this collection.”

So boys, spice up your wardrobe would ya?

On to the next :

The Camiz is invented in Bombay, by a group of artists whom are inspired by the people. Conducting an experiment called WETHEPPL, they are trying out different ideas to see what it results in. Describing their ideas :

“Some are conceptual, some are physical,
some are in pictures and some are in verse.
Some are fresh, some are ancient, and some are a mix of both”.

These comfortable Nehru collared are tailored and made only in Mumbai and Ladies!, these tunics are unisex. And they all have pockets… I Approve!

A staple item for sure. Made of the lightest fabric, this piece would definitley be around for a long time.

The Writer ? Hmm…

and :

Came across this from Manish Malhotra’s Bridal Wear. Gotta love what he’s wearing.

Image Credits : Shahid Datawala, WETHEPPL, Manish Malhotra


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