Bangili Jangili

Ola… Check out these Fisherman’s Pants! My infatuation with these pants started while having my vacation in amazing GOA, India. Comfy and versatile, and the colors, oh so rich!

Sydney based label Bangili Jangili meaning Accessories Junkie, is run by two talented Kenyan designers. The Malindi Fisherman’s Pants collection evokes a kind of freshness but still keeping its ethnicity with its rich array of colors. Don’t you love the images ? Very engaging. I approve!

Their Safari in the City Duffle Bags Collection. Got to love the prints. These bags are made by tough traditional Maasai blankets. The Maasai are the most authentic ethnic tribe of Kenya and that was the approach BJ was going for. These blankets are woven by Maasai women from 100% natural cotton. The prints are kind of nostalgic to me. Reminds me of those sarongs our grandparents use to adorn.

Thought of posting some of their images from their Live In Colors photoshoot for their collection. These are one-off pieces and are made by my favorite, the Ankara fabric.

Wait! I’m not done yet… Meet these babies.

Check out their  “Bahasha” (envelope) portfolio clutch bag, made from lush Italian leather combined with quality African fabric to create a breathtaking exotic vibe. 

Their description for this clutch, “Because it is big enough for a bottle of Gin and chocolate”. – True that.

I have fallen in love.

Image Credits : Bangili Jangili

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