S for …

Shoes . Sneakers . Sandals .

Not many of the men in Singapore own shoes like the ones in this post. Maybe because they choose comfort over style? And I agree, some of these are not that pocket friendly.

But, funny thing is, if you spot one guy wearing really nice kicks, it happens so that you’ll spot that on many more. It’s such a small island we live in that, soon enough, it becomes a trend. At one point there was the Timbaland (PDiddy Wannabes) boots trend, then the Adidas shoes (They think they gangsta), then Nike Air Jordans (The Chris Brownnabes) and now it has sprouted to many others. There are other kinda shoes guys!

So here are few of my favorites that I had rounded up.

I was spoilt for choices, as in there really are quite a variety. From half cuts, hi cut sandals, oxfords, loafers and even more shoes in bold colors. Only the adventorous sort can pull of some of these kick-ass kicks.

Came across Mihara Yasuhiro, an amazing Japanese designer, known for his work in shoes, and instantly fell in love with his unique and quirky shoes. The Mihara Yasuhiro Brown Mens Sandals is definitley drool worthy (I would have liked to use another three letter word, but I shall refrain from doing so). Wish I would spot someone wearing that though.

Guys…Please get one of these. Remember, it’s always the Year of the Gentleman. Never too late to update your footwear collection.

Image Credits : Puma Alexander McQueen, Vans WingtipHaus of Hercules, Mihara Yasuhiro, Jil Sander, Damir Doma, White MountaineeringAdmiral Watford .

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