Tripping over sandals

Lo and Behold!

I am a sucka for flats, sandals, thongs.

The gold one above, I have been eyeing for a few years now. And it still takes my breath away when I see it. I came across the red flats and I love its simplicity but still giving a bold statement. And the turquoise beaded flats, is perfect.

Aren’t they lovely. Geez.

And the Chappels, as pictured above, are made for walking, hiking, rock climbing and long distance running. Yes I exaggerate, but it is THAT durable. I bought it in GOA, cos my $5 Cotton On flip flops died on me. They weren’t ready for the roads of India.

On my next trip, am going to stock up on all the other colors.

Image Credits : Chandelier Sandals, Red Cicada Sandals, Blue Beaded Sandal, White Stone Sandal, Black & Silver Sandals, Leaf Sandals.

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