Secret Infatuation with the Almighty Body Jewelry

The craze that is of recent, the body/head/hair/arm/back/foot/ear jewelry. And I think some of these are a great way of accessorizing. That is if you’re a bit more adventurous.

The hair/head jewelry is becoming a huge thing now. Think I’ll try and incorporate it with my outfits soon. TRY! But it’s really cool, the look.

I can’t explain how much I am digging these. Especially the spine jewelry. That is just uber sexy.

Foot jewelry is nothing new to us. I mean it’s a common thing to wear compared to the other body chains. Came across the Seashell piece and I thought that it was a very sweet and simple accessory.

Some of my other favorites in the topic. I may get something similar to the last gold arm chain. Would look complete with a simple top and jeans.

Image Credits : Pearl Head Piece, Floral Foot Piece, Indian Foot Piece, Gold Back Drop Piece and the rest from Litter SF.


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