Take a chance

Cotton and Silk sarees

Yuti Shah and her husband, Atul Edward are the names behind Udd Fabric Design. Udd, a hindi word meaning ‘to take flight’. Yuti, who was a graphic designer by profession and an artist at heart, started off showcasing her artwork through art shows and art galleries. It was then that women would come up to her and told that they would want to wear her designs. That sparked the lightbulb and here she is with her collection of sarees and shawls.

Soft Cotton Dupattas (shawls)

All the designs are Yuti Shah’s own. Her ideas are gained from travelling to remote villages in Maharashtra and being inspired by the art and culture.

When I came across this, honestly, it was like as though a box of crayons exploded. The boldness, the richness, the indianess of it all, is breathtaking. This kind of art and design, inspires you  and also the kind where you can’t get bored of. I hope to see more of her designs. :)

Image Credits : Udd Fabric Design 

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