Welcome to The Jade Bangle.

Started in March 2011, The Jade Bangle is a personal blog where I, Nithya Sugumar, post my preferences in fashion. This blog started and came about due to a lot of thinking, too many bookmarked pages, favorite everything, random loves and needing a space to share the various flavors in fashion.  It is a platform to introduce and appreciate new talents in fashion from around the world and their takes on fashion. I do not believe nor do I follow trends. My inspirations and posts on this blog are quite all over the place. Usually involving colors, prints, patterns and styles of various cultures, ethnic groups and countries.

I hope that ‘The Jade Bangle’ will be a place where individuals worldwide look into for inspiration, and to appreciate and be open to the different takes in fashion from all over.

I had recently launched my first mini collection of indian wear. Have a look and spread the love.

 Thank you for reading.

 Commenced : 24 . 03. 2011
  1. milaunee said:

    i love yur blog!

  2. I love reading and ogling the eye candies on yr site. Thank u for opening up my eyes!

    • Nithya said:

      Haha Thank You. Well I am glad to have helped. :))

  3. SinghStyleStudio said:

    Best Wishes…

  4. cherry kapale said:

    your fashion sense and blog are very innovative and inspiring to be individualistic.

    • Nithya said:

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment!

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