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Miss Solange.

skShe is best known for mixing bold prints with loud patterns, and looking effortless stepping out in it. Solange Knowles always looks so put together. If anyone ever noticed, she seems to have the best accessories to team up with her bold choices in fashion. Fearless she is.


Chanel’s ‘La Montre Première’ Spring 2013 Campaign video, featuring the relaunching of their watches. I am not going to talk about the watches, rather, I loved the playfulness of the video. Not to mention, the other reason would be the impeccable style throughout the 0:57 seconds! This watch is not for the everyday women, it is for super-chic-all-day-everyday women. I really think they nailed it with this video, with the style and freshness of it all. And yeah good on you if you can afford 6.1k to 32k for them watches.