Secret Infatuation with the Almighty Body Jewelry

The craze that is of recent, the body/head/hair/arm/back/foot/ear jewelry. And I think some of these are a great way of accessorizing. That is if you’re a bit more adventurous.

The hair/head jewelry is becoming a huge thing now. Think I’ll try and incorporate it with my outfits soon. TRY! But it’s really cool, the look.

I can’t explain how much I am digging these. Especially the spine jewelry. That is just uber sexy.

Foot jewelry is nothing new to us. I mean it’s a common thing to wear compared to the other body chains. Came across the Seashell piece and I thought that it was a very sweet and simple accessory.

Some of my other favorites in the topic. I may get something similar to the last gold arm chain. Would look complete with a simple top and jeans.

Image Credits : Pearl Head Piece, Floral Foot Piece, Indian Foot Piece, Gold Back Drop Piece and the rest from Litter SF.


Secret Infatuation with Ikat

Ikat – tied, bound or knotted.  It is a method of weaving that uses a process similar to tie-dye. The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern. The end result is nothing but exotic.

Image Above : Rafe Katherine Large Tote Yellow, Silk Ikat Fragment Necklace, Felix Rey Marissa Ikat Clutch, Ankara Bangle, Indian Ikat Silk Gauze Shirt, Ikat Diamond Print Scarf, Printed Long Dress, Ikat Yellow Heels, J.Crew’s Ochre Ikat Skirt and Ikat Wrap Cardigan.

Latest infatuation would be Ikat prints. One may have first seen this prints on sarongs our grandparents used to wear, but it has made its way through to become an urban essential. I have put together my favorite ikat options. Even included a necklace and a bracelet. Yes, Ikat is all over. And besides, a little of this pretty pattern would give a much needed punch to the wardrobe and a little perk me up no?

Image Credits :,

Secret Infatuation with Harem Pants.

For Men:   

Image Credits : http://fashionindie.com,,, .

For Women:

Image Credits :, ,, ,

These kinda pants were made popular by MC Hammer from the late 80s. Now with it’s modern take, it’s become more mainstream. The drop crotch pants have been around for many years and in different parts of the world, such as India’s Dhoti/Patiala – Algeria’s Zouave pants – Turkish Trousers – Arab’s Sirwal and Persia’s Sharovary.

It’s refreshing to see these pants being worn by men. Gives it an edge. Thing is, we don’t quite get to see it worn here in Singapore. Only the tourists and a handful of ‘daring’ ones manage to pull it off.

When I went to GOA a few months back, the Harem pants was the staple attire. It’s cool, airy and comfortable. Exactly what every fashionista needs in his/her wardrobe. Yes, I had to buy one for myself.

Secret Infatuation with Turbans.

Lungee, Keffiyeh, Pagri, Headwrap . . .  All mean one thing and that is the Turban. Different styles of wearing in different parts of the world.

It just adds an air of mystery to the wearer.

If the occassion calls (I wonder if that’ll ever happen…) anyways, if it does, then Imma have one of these cool threads on my head. I think here in Singapore, it takes alot of balls to be seen in a turban (Except for those who wear it under religious reasons of course). But it is such a statement piece and very refreshing.