Under Her Skirt.

jpgGotta love what Jean Paul Gaultier did there, during his Spring 2013 show. His last look was a bridal gown – an ivory cropped top and caged skirt. When the bride appeared, she lifted her cage skirt, and out came four of the cutest little girls in these brightly colored outfits! From the entire show, I personally loved what the little ones were wearing, thus the post.


Riot of patterns

HHhh1Hassan Hajjaj is a Moroccan artist. His sitters – ‘not just musicians but the snake charmer, henna girl, bad boy, male belly dancer’ – often wear clothes he has designed, standing in spaces totally covered by patterns he has chosen, and the photographs are eventually set in a frame he has constructed. Raw portrayal of pop culture.

Shakuntala, by Bai Shan.


July, 1957 issue of the China Pictorial (Ren Min Hua Bao) shows a still of China’s National Youth Theatre’s performance of dramatist Kalidasa’s Shakuntala to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the founding of the China-India Friendship Association. Shakuntala is played by Bai Shan.  – What a lovely picture.