Rich and Humble.

2602Raw Mango by Sanjay Garg. Simple and stunning pieces.

Photos by Prarthna Singh.


Maratha Warrior.


The Maratha – are Indian people found predominantly in the state of Maharashtra and are famous for their warriors, found predominantly in the state of Maharashtra.

Harshitaa Chatterjee Deshpande’s collection is inspired by the Maratha warrior princess. The concept for the collection is to revisit and celebrate the rich heritage of the traditions of woven art.


kI would like to have all the above in my closet, and I WILL find an occasion to wear them to. This is Karishma Shahani’s Spring Summer 2014 collection. The Kaam Kaaj collection shows a unique form of block printing technique known as the Ajrak. The Ajrak technique uses natural dyes, which Karishma Shahani shows throughout the collection.

Tata Naka


Tata Naka Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Ready-To-Wear. My favourites from the collection. I think it is interesting that Tata Naka’s inspiration was interior design. Taking in the aesthetics of carpets, tiles, wallpapers and fabrics – this was crafted.

Image Credits : Tata Naka